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Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

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Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, the leader in amazing, powerful presentations. An award-winning author, entrepreneur, PR star, marketing guru and national speaker, Jackie speaks with an energy that leaps off the stage. At a young age, Jackie began reading books written by authors such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Alex Dey and many others. These teachings, combined with her natural zest for life, created the dynamic personality she is today.

In 2006, Jackie opened the doors of JJR Marketing, an award-winning marketing and public relations company. Her company philosophy of honesty, accountability, respect and integrity are readily evident in all her approaches to life. She generously shares her experiences with the audience, to not only identify with them, but also to share the lessons she has learned along the way.


Jackie gives audience nuggets of information that they can immediately use in their own lives, whether in business or personally. She is the ultimate resource for amazing presentations about business building, motivation, entrepreneurship, marketing and PR.


Unleash the Amazing In You!

Jackie’s positive energy and poignant honesty touches all audience members and leaves them changed forever. Find out what the 8 Fig Factors are (as identified in her book, The Fig Factor) and how these fruits inspire growth and second chances. Discover how to find more in every moment of living by:

- Turning disappointment into positive energy

- Transforming each day into an amazing adventure

- Honoring others and watch relationships and opportunities grow


The 8 Fig Factors help listeners to have a true self-awareness and to embrace all of life’s possibilities – even amidst great struggles. How unstoppable could you be if you could discover something new about your life everyday – something that helps you grow and evolve as a person?


The answers to your life’s greatest questions lie within one person – you. Jackie teaches you how to embrace your life and unlock those answers within you. We all have something amazing within us – unleash your inner amazing self!  


Speaking Topics


Open yourself up to being the absolute best you can be

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is an award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur. Jackie speaks about business with an intentness born of true passion for the subject. Along the way, she gives listeners nuggets of information apply directly to them and their concerns. Another plus? These nuggets can be immediately applied to everyday life.

Get motivated, encouraged and fired up about your business and your life! Jackie shares her business adventures with you through her own amazing stories and life experiences. Discover how to transform traditional business practices into modern tools that change the way you do business. Heighten your passion and strengthen your mission in business by attending this amazing presentation.


Find out how to apply lessons from her first book “The Little Book of Business Secrets That Work!”


Unlock the secrets behind:

- Getting Serious About Service – how to serve yourself and your customers!

- Evolution – how to make changes work for you instead of against you!

- Unify Missions – how to save time, energy and customers!

- Decode Quandaries – finding real solutions for clients!

- The Art of Listening – find the keys to your customers and your future!


Your Passion - Make it Amazing!

Need to know more about how to market yourself or your company? Jackie can help!

Marketing seems to be in a constant state of flux.  In this age of latest and greatest, technology advancements and constantly evolving platforms, it can be a challenge just to get started.

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz, founder and owner of JJR Marketing knows the ins and outs of marketing, what works and what doesn’t. Using her knowledge and experience, she readily shares what it takes to make marketing work for you.


Discover how to:

- Identify your audience

- Design your own marketing plan

- Position yourself as an expert

- Use marketing vehicles to work for you

- And many more marketing nuggets!


Secrets of Amazing Marketing

Learn how to make PR work for you and your business. Don't miss this opportunity to gain national recognition and attract new customers and even open up new markets. PR campaigns put you in the thought leadership position with relevant and interesting content that people see, read, hear and share.


Find out how to:

- Take a sliver of newsworthiness and make it burst into the public sphere

- Create media promotions across multiple platforms

- Use creative content to your advantage

- Reach new markets and expand your current client base

- Make it happen!


Make yourself stand out from your competition with amazing PR campaigns that will help you get the results you want.





Power PR: You Can Do It!


Tomorrow's America is Today's Latina

Latina entrepreneurs are the largest growing segment in business today. In fact, Latina women own 36% of all companies owned by minority women. While Latinas have achieved a significant presence in corporate America, young Latinas still face many challenges. Discover:


- How we all can support young Latinas and help them activate and achieve their dreams

- The importance of supporting young Latinas in our communities


- How to provide young Latinas with the tools and resources needed to achieve success


Join us as Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz shares her own journey, life lessons and experiences as a young entrepreneur. Jacqueline has published 6 books and travels around the United States sharing her inspiring story with others. She is the creator of the Fig Factor Foundation, a foundation created to inspire and support young Latinas.

"Jackie is a charismatic presenter whose marketing tips really resonate with the Latinas in our programs. She brings past experiences and valuable insights to help them brand themselves and market their offerings as they work to expand their businesses. With practical advice and relevant anecdotes, Jackie has an amazing talent for helping entrepreneurs tell their story."

- Nathalie Rosado

Associate Director, Women’s Business Center

Women's Business Development Center

"On November 18th, 2016 Jackie served as our 16ht Latino Summit Keynote. She delivered a message of living life with optimism and courage that was well received by all of our students. Jacke was generous with her time and we are very grateful for her participation!"

- Dr. Claudia Rueda-Alvarez

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Maine West High School