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A memoir about growth, inspiration, and second chances.


At some point in our lives, we all face the question: Do crisis and pain propel us forward or put our lives on hold? In this intimate memoir, Jacqueline Camacho Ruiz shares the eight hidden secrets—the fig factors, as she calls them—of discovering true awareness and embracing life’s big sky possibilities, even amidst our greatest struggles.


The Fig Factor is an emotionally-charged story spanning two countries and three decades. We begin in Jackie’s homeland of Mexico as her mother prays to give birth to a little girl. Eventually, we see the good that came from the arsonist’s flames devouring her childhood home and the life-changing discovery Jackie encountered after watching her father walk away again and again with a bottle in his hand. Her immigration to the United States as a teenager and the amazing medical discovery that saved her life while nearly taking it away offer true inspiration that the human spirit dictates triumph in the lives of everyday people.


In this beautifully written memoir, Jackie shows us how to find more in every moment of living through love, awareness, forgiveness, gratitude, and more. Each chapter is capped off with thought-provoking questions underscoring the real message: the answers to life’s greatest questions lie within each of us.

The Fig Factor

ISBN: 978-1939418227

Publication Date: April 9, 2013

Category: Biography / Memoir

Page Count: 146

Publisher: RTC Publishing

Language: English

Book Reviews:

“Beautiful! I have read many books, and yours is one of only a handful that had me inspired and crying at the same time. Very powerful. Well done! I give it a Z +!”  


- Tom Ziglar

Proud son of Zig Ziglar



“After reading the book, I was both impressed and informed. Reading your history, I now understand your motivation! The Fig Factor and your family have helped you grow to be the successful businesswoman that you are today. Your book reminds us that the right angle for approaching a difficult problem is the try-angle.”


- Clark Weber

WLS Radio celebrity and author of Clark Weber’s Rock and Roll Radio: The Fun Years, 1955–1975

“With rich anecdotes and an honest heart, Jackie’s story demonstrates emphatically that we don’t have to be defeated or defined by failure, disappointment, or hardship. Her life is a testament to resiliency and optimism. This book should help you realize that, like her, we can all find the inspired strength within to lead lives dedicated to making a positive difference. It is more evidence that Jackie Camacho-Ruiz continues to bless the world, especially those of us privileged to know her and to have worked with her.”

- Bill Moller

Talk show host, WGN Radio, Chicago



“Jackie’s heart-wrenching story of a little girl’s triumphs in the face of tragedy is a lesson on how your attitude can shape your world. Jackie beautifully paints the picture of how she sculpted her life with the tools of passion, discipline, and gratitude. This gripping book inspires you to look for the good in yourself and others--and strive to make a difference.”  


Shebani Kulkarni,

Popular host, speaker, founder of EQuest Global Group and co-founder of  The Meadows Club.