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Overcoming Mediocrity Vol. 1

A Unique Collection of Stories From Dynamic Women Who Have Created Their Own Lives of Significance!


Overcoming Mediocrity is a unique collection of stories from 22 women who have created their own lives of significance, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal, physical or spiritual lives as well. We have some inspiring stories from established leaders who are making an impact on a larger scale as well as from those who are making a difference and impacting a select few in their everyday lives.




VOLUME I – Dynamic Women, was a smashing success as we released the book on May 28th 2013 with 22 participating authors sharing their stories meant to inspire other women to success. Plus we achieved bestselling status on Amazon in the motivational genre category in only one day.

VOLUME II – Courageous Women was released in April 2014 also achieving the same results with our bestselling marketing strategy.

VOLUME III – Strong Women - target release date December 2014.

ISBN: 978-1939794017

Publication Date: May 6, 2013

Category: Motivation/Self Help

Page Count: 196

Publisher: DPWN Publishing

Language: English

Book Reviews:

“I have the privilege of knowing a number of the contributors to the Overcoming Mediocrity anthology in real life. Some of them are fellow members in one of our area's chambers of commerce. So when I saw Christie Ruffino's notice that she was putting this book together, I was definitely anxious to read it.


One of the characteristics that unites many of the contributors is that their path from mediocrity to magnificence begins when going through a personal crisis, be it with health, finances, relationships, family or career. But taking Winston Churchill's advice of "When you're going through hell, keep going," these ladies kept on their path by being open to new opportunities and perspectives. Definitely have a renewed appreciation for the contributors I do know. I think women who are facing huge challenges will be encouraged by many of the stores.”  


- Heidi Thorne

“This is a must read for men and women alike, young or old! After having the pleasure of meeting one of the contributors, I ordered the book online the same day! I so enjoyed reading and learning from all of the amazing women in the book that I ordered two books for women in my personal life that had a profound impact on me- my mom and mother-in-law. I can't wait for another edition of this to be published!”  


- Adore Peto