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The Little Book of Business Secrets that Work!

A chance conversation. That's all it was.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful business? The secrets that seem so elusive to many are now available to all in Jackie Camacho-Ruiz's first book, "The Little Book of Business Secrets That Work."


Wanting to share her secrets for success with others, Camacho-Ruiz penned this easy to follow "how-to" book to encourage other business professionals in the areas of sales, marketing and customer retention. Motivating and inspiring, the book also features critical success secrets for anyone starting a business.


"The success has come from asking my mentors for advice and from the commitment to achieving results for every client," Camacho-Ruiz says. "Which has been instrumental for the business to grow from start up to award winning marketing agency in just a few years."


Camacho-Ruiz has based her life on the philosophy that the gift comes in the giving. On any day you will find her graciously giving more than she receives. This book is no different.

ISBN: 978-0982220696

Publication Date: May 25, 2010

Category: Business / Motivation

Page Count: 232

Publisher: RTC Publishing

Language: English

Book Reviews:

“This book is extremely valuable to read. It demonstrates how to go from status quo to creating a winning future success. Her thoughts are not only original but practical as well. Very timely for today’s market”  


- Jerry Mitchel

Serial Entrepreneur, Forbes 1997



“Jackie is a miracle; you will gain more than you can imagine in this power packed book!”


- Sarah Victory

Author of Double Your Business in One Year or Less

“Jackie Camacho-Ruiz’s The Little Book of Business Secrets That Work! is a must read for anyone that wants to start a business or is in business!”

- Michele Arden

President Arden & Associates



“After 45 years in the Marketing - Advertising - Promotion business I sometimes feel jaded. As much as I enjoy the business, a person has come along that has heightened my enjoyment in marketing just that much more - Jackie CR. I was hard pressed to think of an appropriate word to describe her. That word is VERVE!

(V) Vivacity, (E) Energetic, (R) Responsive, (V) full of Vigor, (E) Enthusiastic”  


- J. Frederick Baker,

Bakers Marketing Group